Dr. Roger McLeod

Economist, Caribbean Development Bank

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Dr. Roger McLeod, a Jamaican national, joined the bank in 2016 as a country economist and has been assigned the responsibility for monitoring The Bahamans and Grenada. Dr. McLeod was also given the responsibility to deliver key research output that will enhance CDB’s interventions within its BMCs.

Dr. McLeod holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Economics from the University of Essex in the United Kingdom, as well as a Master of Science degree in Financial and Monetary Economics and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and Statistics, both from the University of the West Indies, Mona. Throughout his studies and subsequent career, Dr. McLeod has been the recipient of several awards, including the Commonwealth Scholarship Award, the Department of Economics Scholarship Award and the Dean’s Breakfast Club Award.

Dr. McLeod is a published author with research articles in both international and regional journals. His areas of expertise include macroeconomic modelling, international finance and monetary policy. His most recent published work is a study of the value of the US dollar and its impact on oil prices from a non-linear asymmetric co-integration approach, which produced key competitiveness implications for Caribbean countries exporting to the US. He has also recently completed training facilitated by the International Monetary Fund and as a result is in the process of preparing a study on behalf of CDB to assess the strategic economic direction of its member countries.

Immediately before joining the bank, Dr. McLeod worked in the capacity of consultant to the World Bank. Prior to this, Dr. McLeod worked as a Senior Economist (Assistant Director) at the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) overseeing the Macro-Modeling Unit in the Research Services Department. In a previous stint at the BOJ, he also worked as an economist in the Monetary Policy and Analysis Department.