CTCS Workshop

CDB’s Caribbean Technological Consultancy Services (CTCS) Network contributes to strengthening private sector capabilities by linking people who have business and technical experience with businesses that need consulting advice and assistance.

CTCS will be conducting a workshop on “Computerised Job Estimation Tool” (CJET) at The Sands at Grace Bay, during the period May 22-26, 2017. The workshop will be held in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure, Housing and Planning of the Turks and Caicos Islands Government.

CTCS’ experience in working with artisans and small contractors has consistently shown that one area of greatest weakness is the inability of the artisans and small contractors to accurately and reliably prepare job estimates to ensure that they can both manipulate and present their bids, especially the bill of quantities, in a manner to ensure competitive advantage. Consequently, small contractors tend to be at the mercy of larger and more structured business entities with the capability to employ or hire the services of consultant engineers, quantity cost surveyors and accountants.

In an effort to give artisans and small contractors a greater competitive advantage, CDB through its CTCS programme, has developed CJET for artisans and small contractors. CJET is a simple but effective computerised tool which allows the small contractor to always know her/his finite cost, as s/he progresses through preparation of each line item in the bill of quantities. The tool allows the contractor to be in a position to determine and manipulate the quality of his bid, see the impact of a given bid ratio/rate on the overall line cost and anticipate the projected earnings in excess of each line cost. This capability, therefore, allows the contractor to intentionally bid high or low on a given line item, while maintaining the option to spread any projected line losses over other items.

The workshop will target:

  1. Artisans and small contractors who are self-employed and have been in business for no less than five (5) years. 
  2. Small contractors who have undertaken privately contracted projects valued between USD50,000 and USD250,000. 
  3. Artisans who have executed sub-contracts in their specific area(s) of specialty between USD30,000 and USD80,000. 
  4. Artisans and contractors who have successfully executed projects above USD80,000 on any project financed by TCI government in collaboration with any regional and/or extra-regional agency. 
  5. Students of TCI Community College (TCICC) who are in their senior year in any technical field offered by TCICC.