Air Transport Competitiveness and Connectivity

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Time: 4:00 p.m.

Venue: Radisson Grenada Beach Resort, The Crown Ballroom


Good air transport connectivity is vital for increased competitiveness. It boosts tourism by joining up the Region to its source markets. It also contributes to growth in the wider economy through the movement of goods and services, as well as investment and ideas. Good aviation links facilitate trade, enhance communications and business interactions, and help to improve efficiency. The level of connectivity is determined by the availability and cost of air travel. Factors that influence these are: availability of sufficient, adequate infrastructure; regulatory frameworks; and policy, such as taxation.

This seminar will explore a CDB-commissioned study, which examines the factors inhibiting connectivity and competitiveness in the regional aviation industry. Panellists will also discuss opportunities for overcoming connectivity deficits, and therefore improving performance.


Ian Bertrand
El Perial Management Services
Trinidad and Tobago


Hon. Dionisio  James D’Aguilar
Minister of Tourism
Government of The Bahamas

Captain Jagmohan Singh
Vice-President, Operations
Caribbean Airlines

Julie Reifer-Jones
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Justin Ram
Director, Economics Department
Caribbean Development Bank

Peter Cerdá
International Air Transport Authority, The Americas